Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Take 4!


BB Update:

4 will face the public vote this week, Vic, Dan, Jay and Nadia. Nadia has nothing to worry about, Dan maybe and not to much due to Vic and Jay, and this week, Jay will be leaving the Big Brother house....Shame :( :P

Now to me:
I got my hair cut yesturday and it is okay i suppose, just need to get used to it and stuff. Just let it grow a bit ;)
Due to my hair being shorter i can now see when im playing tennis so yey :D
My site has 7 members now, and dont laugh casue i know a way to get more. Ive asked a few other people with good sites to Affiliate with me, and some have sadi yes. I entered my site in the Pokemon top 100 (im about 12313444th :P) and my good old firned from will probably link up with us ;) So yeyiness ;) ;) ;)
The Air show is this weekend i think, so time for hurting ears casue i live right next to it, thinkfully ill be even closer due to tennis :P
My father should have been getting home today, but the pirates aint being let of duty till tomorrow. (He's not really a pirate btw).
This friday is my last nominations caseu ill miss the last to weeks of Big brother due to the fact im going to florida, i dunno if its yey or not but you know :P
I have also requested from a few sites to be a newsie for them, there for my site getting noticed a little more. So :D

Anyway, ive been wanting to give an award out for ages, and finnaly here it is:
The person who is getting the award today deserves it caseu of all the huggies i get from her. At least 5 a day :P So stand up, and be proud for this award:


Sunday, July 18, 2004


I just typed up a nice long post... went to publish....error, lost the whole thing, so we'll skip to normal stuff liek the BB update, wanna know go to :

Got a forum ( Pokemon but meh, its good.

Anyway, award. Today is goes to JKaizer for being so kind as to host me a forum :D Go you ;) Enjoy your glory :)

Yes, today is the day i got a forum! Thanks to JKaizer who kindey hosted and is still hosting it for me ofr hosting it (lets tree putting host in 4 times next scentence). For all of those who want to know and look:
Its pokemon, so leave me alone, its anime, and i love it! HA!

Anyway, Big Brother update:

Baking Bread Stu?

OMG! Poor Michelle!!!! How could stu bake break with someone that is not Michelle!? Evil Chicken! Eat him for my tea! HISSSS to him! Poo Michelle.


Big Brother San invited the housemates to have a little sumo match today, Stu seemed happy


Not to sure bout this, but i new that last night, with 15000 at stake, there was liquidifyed fish, cups and straws...yum :D


Anyway, hows ya all? Me im fyn? Now looking out of my window i can see some girls lying in the middle of the road sun bathing....Clover girls.... Nout much happened today, except JK let my use some of his space to make a forum :D God Bless! ( Tis very good and do not by afraid to join! Pokemon is great!

My auntie still aint found her ring, and i sent a text to the worng person this morning XD :P oh well. My life is really boring on weekends, so not much to say other that what i have already said XD So ill move onto the other sutff now:

This ive noticed?
Last night or Friday night i noticed something whihc i had to remember...but i forgot.
And I noticed that i will be away for the Big Brother Final :'(

Award time. Today, there is no doubt about it, that only one person could win this award. That person being: JKaizer! For hosting me a forum :D SO thankyou and enjoy your moment of fame ;)

Till we meet again, Tarra


Saturday, July 17, 2004

Post two of day 17th July

s little post just to give out the award, and a post to remind you to all watch BB tonight ;) :P Ahmed! Gone! Haha! :D

Anyway, since i last saw you all (or typed to you all) i got a 5 pound top up on my phone so yeyiness :D I also tried to get an answer out of my cousin as to where he hid my aunties diamond ring. Didnt work :( :P Thats all thats happened, and nothing Much on Big Brother apart from their amazing new task (whihc remindes m eof eating in the jungles...along with the good old fish eyes ;).

Anyway, Award time. Todays awardee is towards a very funny person who is one of my best Big Brother friends. This person deserves the award becasue they are the one that took me to get my top up on my phone. The the award goes to:::::::
Lesley! My Auntie! Well done!

Thats all for now. Tarra


Late Morning...ish

Big Brother House, this is Davina, you are live on channel 4 please do not swear. Ahmed, Dan, Nadia, Shell, Stuart and Victor; This week all 6 of you have faced a public vote. The votes and been counted and verified and i can now reveal the 5th person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is...
Ahmed, you have 30 minutes th say your good byes.

*30 mins later*

Big Brother House, this is Davina, you are live on channel 4 please do not swear. Ahmed, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house, you have 1 minute to say your goodbyes, I COMMING TO GET YOU!

*1 minute and 30 seconds later*

The Crowd BOOOOO's the fool!

*about 5 minutes later*

Ahmed, you are inside due to the number of questions we need to ask. Before we begin, The whole Public and I think you are a fool and you lost the vote by over 100000 votes. No one likes you!


Hi, im back. That was what Davina did (and should have added) say to Ahmed. Yes! He is gone! The fool has been Vanished! Yeyiness!
Anyway, since i last typed nothing much has happened. I have decided to Start Writing a few fics. I said this to myself a long time ago, but this time i have decided to really do it! One is gonna be an Original Fan Fic, 2 others Pokemon, one a Pokemon War (which i think im co writing with my firend (considering it was his Idea) and other pokemon on with a character trainer person he wont be a trainer, so it is original. And another 2, Continuing with the Final Fantast X-3 fic, and Dragon Ball Stregnth. Dragon Ball Stregnth is done though ;) Well CHapter one :p Ill do it on a rotation, DO a chapter of each befroe moveing on. Anyway, here are a few ideas of the story lines.

-*- Original Fic -*-

Long ago, on the Planet Ghia, there were 15 masters, all working together to protect the planet and its king. For a while they were sucessful. However, on unfortunate day, Some opposing fource attacked Ghia. The 15 masters each used there powers to Defend their king and planet, but as powerful as they were they couldn't save their king. Before their planet was destroyed, they destroyed themselfs and sent their souls to different planet where life was just beggining. Then, 6000 years later, when that Planet was under threat for an opposing fource, the souls summoned power to create Glatel, a guider for 5 children who would take up the challenge of finding the souls and using DNA Fusion to merge with them and control the awsome powrs they unlocked, all in the name of saving Earth.

-*- Pokemon War -*-

The race of man has died down and only Pokemon remain on earth. With democracy, 3 grous have formed to take control, each with their own idea on how to survive and each willing to die for their beliefs. This of corse casuing a war. (Characters still Pending.)

-*- Pokemon 2 (name pending) -*-

Kin is a news reporter for The Pokenews. He is the most skilled one there is and is up for any challenge along side his team of Pokemon. However, a simple quest to find to report on a newley discovered race of pokemon turns into a quest to be the best!

-*- FFX3 -*-

RIkku is the main character for the first half, but then Yuna comes and takes over. XD :P Anyway, Rikku now travvels spira solving peoples problems, for a small fee of spheres. However, a certain terrorist group have a sphere she wants and she goes all the way to get it. However, when she fails, and the sphere is chemically merged with DX2o, Lenne and her gaurdiens are awoken to save spira. However, alone they wont be abels to stop it, and even with Yuna they cannot stop it, their only chance is the Aeons!

-*- DBS -*-

When Buu was made, a prodo type was also made, and this prodotype wasn't what was wanted, to is was dis owened, however, its powers are far stronger that that of Buu's and although they look the same, they have a different mind on what to do with it.

Im really sick of typing this now so ill give awards and stuff tonight. So byebye for now.


Friday, July 16, 2004

Schools out for Summer (it's meant to be summer)

Yes! School is Finished! At about 1:30pm-ish at school, my teacher recieved a phone call telling him to free us, and we left school...some later than others as my mother took her time a little, but she still picked me up :D Then i came straight home and now im happy. But before anything else:


Big Brother News

New Togs For Mr Slick

Those kind people at Big Brother have finaly given Vic a brand new eviction outfit; due to the fact his other one was kinda killed when Shell placed it on a light bulb XD Oh well. Although he did ask for more than he needed, Big Brother were happy to give him it, with a silver tie aswel ;) However, in my oppinion, he well no need it due to the fact Ahmed is going!

Eviction Night

Eviction night to night, who goes, I dicide.

To Evicted Ahmed call 09011 21 44 01

To Evicted anyone else, wait till at least net week cause Ahmed is going and if he doont (but he will) i will be most upset.


Life is great (XD), school has finished for 7 weeks, and soon i go to florida, althgouh im gonna miss the BB final XD :P I should survive! I got an award in the asembly thing today, impecible conduct award, no debits! Im such a good little human thing.
I am copying the final CD onto a mini disk now, althgouh i still ahve at least 12 Boyz2Men songs to download and put on a Minidisk and a few others when i get some more mini disks.
I will be watching the evictions tonight with a curry, and if i can get on the computer i will let you all know straight away.
I also was meant to be getting my hair cut and stuff tomorrow morning, but thats been reschedueled to next week. Almost there in looking liek Aaron! Well thats my life, now we move on to:


Things I've Noticed

Not much, apart from the fact that they got rid of the bold button on the blog thing, and replaced it with a : CHange time and date button thing. So :( i suppose.
I have also realised that Nadia has won Big Brother caseu everyone seem sto thing so, includeing all the Richard and Judy fans, although Busted would beg to differ (they love Stu).
Also, James smokes! That fool! Its gonna reck his bloody voice! Take Matt for example (only joking!!!!!!)

Anyhow, ill move swiftly on now:


Award Time

Todays award is gonna be a hard choice... i dunno... they are a couple of people... Pretty much casue of the hugging they give, but they have reason to win it tomorrow, so, today a present the award for William, to *drums please*
Shiela Moore!
Reason being, all through half the year she has took me home all those times i missed the bus, and told me to enjoy my haircut, and always hung out the wondow whilst vwaving to me (t'was hillarious).


Thats me done for now but ill be back.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Once again, I am here

Hello people, my mood is a little depressive today as I have just discovered I shall be away for the Big brother Final. Oh well XD Before we begin with my life stories, lets get a look at what has been happening over the past 24 hours:

Foot And Mouth

It seems that Nadia and Dan's friend ship has moved up a level as of this morning, as the two sat down for Dan to scrape the dead skin from Nadias feet. As Dan enjoyed the scraping, they discussed nominations... but not like Vic and Jay do.

Past, Present and Future

Dan and Shell's friendship has also risen to a new lever today as they both were discussing the past presant and future. The two discussed Kitten, Marco and all the other housemates who were EVICTED (poor Emma) from the house. They also started discussing the effects tomorrows evection will have. Lets all vote for Ahmed! Kill Ahmed!!!!!

Shell's Mum

Big Brother staff had the the time to have a chat with Shell's mother. She was asked all kindas of questions, and belive it or not, her mother is not suprised or ashamed by her actions. How amazing!? GO Shell is all i have to say.


But now to my life. TOday was great. I got hit constantly by Kyla as i kept seeing Yellow Vans, and although i sed yellow Van, she still hit me. I also discovered im stronger that Kyla! I couldnt belive it! She has done Kiratee (spell?) for ages, and i can still push her away, althogh my hair is a week point.
Also, i got a multi-coloured bangel of Kyla today, although it was hard i still got it ;)
For my dinner i had nothing much, just some chips, and two drinks...a twix....and a Mars Bar (but shhhh, i ate them before Mell found me!). I also killed Owen due to the fact he was annoyin me. I almost tripped him over whilst swinging him around by his bag, but i stopped him ;)
That is all that happened on my second last day of school... oh yea, and for my dinner i vought to drinks, one which Mell poured over my hand to make it feel better after the constant wacking. And also, this fool told me to stand outside! I was talking to people! geeeesh!
Come last lesson i had chilled and un hyperedededed a little bit, but still was hyper enough to start laughing when i missed my bus and got Sheila (or Bum) to take me home. Thanx Bum!
In the car home, Sheila pulled my hair when she was getting something from the boot, there her daughter Kyla said she couldn't walk, but could hover (when Shaila wasn't there) and when Sheila came back, she sed:
"Lets take off!" or something liek that XD
That was my daily happenings, so now, lets move on to:
What have I noticed, i new section thing which i have deiciced do in every blog post, and all it is, is stuff i have noticed.

What have I noticed

I was wathching BBLB last night and as Dermit was talking, that horrible computer sound, the one which goes when an error window opens sounded, i found it hillarious, then it happened again and again.
I also discovered that i thing James Bourne's song: Cant Break Thru. Its great!
I also noticed i have a Manga buddy, Yes, Well Done me and Rachel for both linking Manga, and the wonderful Sakura!


Antoehr New Section, the awards sction. Each day one person will win an Award. So with out any further waiting, todays ward goes to...:
Reason: She is funny, se named my willy, and She loves Manga and Sakura! GO her!

That is all from me today, next time i post i should be on holiday ;) 7 weeks! So till then, Goodbye


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A New Blog, Same Old Mind

Due to the fact what i siad offended one or two people in my last blog, i have decided to remake the blog, me then being able to say what i feel, and them not knowing. So now that little not is over, HI!

Yes, hello people who ont know me! My name is Goten!(Willima) and i will be your new...person to ambel on about stuff. Aint i great!? However, before we move on to talk about my life, A Big Brother Update:

The Caped Crusader

It seems, liek most things our 'Chicken Stu' has became attached to the Big Brother Millatry Flag, wearing it as a cape, and even though Big Brother wanted it back, he wasn't prepared to without a fight.

Rumble In The Jungle

Vic, Jay and Ahmed have started discussing nominations once again, and have all decided, which ever Jungle Cat is not evicted on Friday, will be up next week along with Jay. Is this correct? Yes, Jungle Cats beware!

Thats all for now, but ill be back the same time tomorrow with the latest headlines. And people dont forget, Channel 4, 10:00. See ya there ;)

Moving on, my week has been the worst week so far, rather shocking considering the last week of school. My week has been a ride of emotions due to the fact one thing i said upset a few people at school. My former best friend (who shal remain nameless) was always going on about how she was, or thought she was fat, however reality was much different. This turning into her not eating properly, one sandwich the minimum, one sandwich and half her dinner maximum, plus maybe a pack of sweets. Everyone agreed with me saying she was to thin, however, when i said she was turning anarexic, everyone sided with her, although that is what she is. Then i get shouted at, and called even more names that the normal day. Then i found somewhat of a loop whole to my ations. People have oppinions about me, so how come i cant have em? Everyone attacks me when i speak my thoughts, however, no one attacks them for there oppinions on me! Which are hurtful.
Then there is the fact that my best friend accused me of sending her other firned an email, saying she lived in Austrllia and had a stalker, when i swear i never, however she doesn't beleive me! How unfair! Thats why i felt liek killing my self yesturday. But i didnt... not yet anyway.

Anyway, moving to a brighter subject, 2 days left of school! 5 weeks holiday, 2 weeks florida, 7 weeks freedom! How amazing! And then when i go back im the second highest year, with power and amazing classes, no geography! Yey! Also, a horrible fact dawned on me, i may be away for the big brother final! :'( However, i may be back on the same day as it, so lets pray.

Ill let you all go now, as im sure you have other stuff to do, and i have emails to answer and people to talk to. Oh yea, and im making a new msn account ;)Ill let ya know it when its made.