Saturday, July 17, 2004

Late Morning...ish

Big Brother House, this is Davina, you are live on channel 4 please do not swear. Ahmed, Dan, Nadia, Shell, Stuart and Victor; This week all 6 of you have faced a public vote. The votes and been counted and verified and i can now reveal the 5th person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is...
Ahmed, you have 30 minutes th say your good byes.

*30 mins later*

Big Brother House, this is Davina, you are live on channel 4 please do not swear. Ahmed, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house, you have 1 minute to say your goodbyes, I COMMING TO GET YOU!

*1 minute and 30 seconds later*

The Crowd BOOOOO's the fool!

*about 5 minutes later*

Ahmed, you are inside due to the number of questions we need to ask. Before we begin, The whole Public and I think you are a fool and you lost the vote by over 100000 votes. No one likes you!


Hi, im back. That was what Davina did (and should have added) say to Ahmed. Yes! He is gone! The fool has been Vanished! Yeyiness!
Anyway, since i last typed nothing much has happened. I have decided to Start Writing a few fics. I said this to myself a long time ago, but this time i have decided to really do it! One is gonna be an Original Fan Fic, 2 others Pokemon, one a Pokemon War (which i think im co writing with my firend (considering it was his Idea) and other pokemon on with a character trainer person he wont be a trainer, so it is original. And another 2, Continuing with the Final Fantast X-3 fic, and Dragon Ball Stregnth. Dragon Ball Stregnth is done though ;) Well CHapter one :p Ill do it on a rotation, DO a chapter of each befroe moveing on. Anyway, here are a few ideas of the story lines.

-*- Original Fic -*-

Long ago, on the Planet Ghia, there were 15 masters, all working together to protect the planet and its king. For a while they were sucessful. However, on unfortunate day, Some opposing fource attacked Ghia. The 15 masters each used there powers to Defend their king and planet, but as powerful as they were they couldn't save their king. Before their planet was destroyed, they destroyed themselfs and sent their souls to different planet where life was just beggining. Then, 6000 years later, when that Planet was under threat for an opposing fource, the souls summoned power to create Glatel, a guider for 5 children who would take up the challenge of finding the souls and using DNA Fusion to merge with them and control the awsome powrs they unlocked, all in the name of saving Earth.

-*- Pokemon War -*-

The race of man has died down and only Pokemon remain on earth. With democracy, 3 grous have formed to take control, each with their own idea on how to survive and each willing to die for their beliefs. This of corse casuing a war. (Characters still Pending.)

-*- Pokemon 2 (name pending) -*-

Kin is a news reporter for The Pokenews. He is the most skilled one there is and is up for any challenge along side his team of Pokemon. However, a simple quest to find to report on a newley discovered race of pokemon turns into a quest to be the best!

-*- FFX3 -*-

RIkku is the main character for the first half, but then Yuna comes and takes over. XD :P Anyway, Rikku now travvels spira solving peoples problems, for a small fee of spheres. However, a certain terrorist group have a sphere she wants and she goes all the way to get it. However, when she fails, and the sphere is chemically merged with DX2o, Lenne and her gaurdiens are awoken to save spira. However, alone they wont be abels to stop it, and even with Yuna they cannot stop it, their only chance is the Aeons!

-*- DBS -*-

When Buu was made, a prodo type was also made, and this prodotype wasn't what was wanted, to is was dis owened, however, its powers are far stronger that that of Buu's and although they look the same, they have a different mind on what to do with it.

Im really sick of typing this now so ill give awards and stuff tonight. So byebye for now.



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