Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A New Blog, Same Old Mind

Due to the fact what i siad offended one or two people in my last blog, i have decided to remake the blog, me then being able to say what i feel, and them not knowing. So now that little not is over, HI!

Yes, hello people who ont know me! My name is Goten!(Willima) and i will be your new...person to ambel on about stuff. Aint i great!? However, before we move on to talk about my life, A Big Brother Update:

The Caped Crusader

It seems, liek most things our 'Chicken Stu' has became attached to the Big Brother Millatry Flag, wearing it as a cape, and even though Big Brother wanted it back, he wasn't prepared to without a fight.

Rumble In The Jungle

Vic, Jay and Ahmed have started discussing nominations once again, and have all decided, which ever Jungle Cat is not evicted on Friday, will be up next week along with Jay. Is this correct? Yes, Jungle Cats beware!

Thats all for now, but ill be back the same time tomorrow with the latest headlines. And people dont forget, Channel 4, 10:00. See ya there ;)

Moving on, my week has been the worst week so far, rather shocking considering the last week of school. My week has been a ride of emotions due to the fact one thing i said upset a few people at school. My former best friend (who shal remain nameless) was always going on about how she was, or thought she was fat, however reality was much different. This turning into her not eating properly, one sandwich the minimum, one sandwich and half her dinner maximum, plus maybe a pack of sweets. Everyone agreed with me saying she was to thin, however, when i said she was turning anarexic, everyone sided with her, although that is what she is. Then i get shouted at, and called even more names that the normal day. Then i found somewhat of a loop whole to my ations. People have oppinions about me, so how come i cant have em? Everyone attacks me when i speak my thoughts, however, no one attacks them for there oppinions on me! Which are hurtful.
Then there is the fact that my best friend accused me of sending her other firned an email, saying she lived in Austrllia and had a stalker, when i swear i never, however she doesn't beleive me! How unfair! Thats why i felt liek killing my self yesturday. But i didnt... not yet anyway.

Anyway, moving to a brighter subject, 2 days left of school! 5 weeks holiday, 2 weeks florida, 7 weeks freedom! How amazing! And then when i go back im the second highest year, with power and amazing classes, no geography! Yey! Also, a horrible fact dawned on me, i may be away for the big brother final! :'( However, i may be back on the same day as it, so lets pray.

Ill let you all go now, as im sure you have other stuff to do, and i have emails to answer and people to talk to. Oh yea, and im making a new msn account ;)Ill let ya know it when its made.



Blogger rachie said...

hey william i dont know you!!!! and you dont know me *wink wink*
thanks for that update on big brother it was needed, since i havent been up to date since kitten left and that was along time ago!!!

9:20 AM  

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