Thursday, July 15, 2004

Once again, I am here

Hello people, my mood is a little depressive today as I have just discovered I shall be away for the Big brother Final. Oh well XD Before we begin with my life stories, lets get a look at what has been happening over the past 24 hours:

Foot And Mouth

It seems that Nadia and Dan's friend ship has moved up a level as of this morning, as the two sat down for Dan to scrape the dead skin from Nadias feet. As Dan enjoyed the scraping, they discussed nominations... but not like Vic and Jay do.

Past, Present and Future

Dan and Shell's friendship has also risen to a new lever today as they both were discussing the past presant and future. The two discussed Kitten, Marco and all the other housemates who were EVICTED (poor Emma) from the house. They also started discussing the effects tomorrows evection will have. Lets all vote for Ahmed! Kill Ahmed!!!!!

Shell's Mum

Big Brother staff had the the time to have a chat with Shell's mother. She was asked all kindas of questions, and belive it or not, her mother is not suprised or ashamed by her actions. How amazing!? GO Shell is all i have to say.


But now to my life. TOday was great. I got hit constantly by Kyla as i kept seeing Yellow Vans, and although i sed yellow Van, she still hit me. I also discovered im stronger that Kyla! I couldnt belive it! She has done Kiratee (spell?) for ages, and i can still push her away, althogh my hair is a week point.
Also, i got a multi-coloured bangel of Kyla today, although it was hard i still got it ;)
For my dinner i had nothing much, just some chips, and two drinks...a twix....and a Mars Bar (but shhhh, i ate them before Mell found me!). I also killed Owen due to the fact he was annoyin me. I almost tripped him over whilst swinging him around by his bag, but i stopped him ;)
That is all that happened on my second last day of school... oh yea, and for my dinner i vought to drinks, one which Mell poured over my hand to make it feel better after the constant wacking. And also, this fool told me to stand outside! I was talking to people! geeeesh!
Come last lesson i had chilled and un hyperedededed a little bit, but still was hyper enough to start laughing when i missed my bus and got Sheila (or Bum) to take me home. Thanx Bum!
In the car home, Sheila pulled my hair when she was getting something from the boot, there her daughter Kyla said she couldn't walk, but could hover (when Shaila wasn't there) and when Sheila came back, she sed:
"Lets take off!" or something liek that XD
That was my daily happenings, so now, lets move on to:
What have I noticed, i new section thing which i have deiciced do in every blog post, and all it is, is stuff i have noticed.

What have I noticed

I was wathching BBLB last night and as Dermit was talking, that horrible computer sound, the one which goes when an error window opens sounded, i found it hillarious, then it happened again and again.
I also discovered that i thing James Bourne's song: Cant Break Thru. Its great!
I also noticed i have a Manga buddy, Yes, Well Done me and Rachel for both linking Manga, and the wonderful Sakura!


Antoehr New Section, the awards sction. Each day one person will win an Award. So with out any further waiting, todays ward goes to...:
Reason: She is funny, se named my willy, and She loves Manga and Sakura! GO her!

That is all from me today, next time i post i should be on holiday ;) 7 weeks! So till then, Goodbye



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