Friday, July 16, 2004

Schools out for Summer (it's meant to be summer)

Yes! School is Finished! At about 1:30pm-ish at school, my teacher recieved a phone call telling him to free us, and we left school...some later than others as my mother took her time a little, but she still picked me up :D Then i came straight home and now im happy. But before anything else:


Big Brother News

New Togs For Mr Slick

Those kind people at Big Brother have finaly given Vic a brand new eviction outfit; due to the fact his other one was kinda killed when Shell placed it on a light bulb XD Oh well. Although he did ask for more than he needed, Big Brother were happy to give him it, with a silver tie aswel ;) However, in my oppinion, he well no need it due to the fact Ahmed is going!

Eviction Night

Eviction night to night, who goes, I dicide.

To Evicted Ahmed call 09011 21 44 01

To Evicted anyone else, wait till at least net week cause Ahmed is going and if he doont (but he will) i will be most upset.


Life is great (XD), school has finished for 7 weeks, and soon i go to florida, althgouh im gonna miss the BB final XD :P I should survive! I got an award in the asembly thing today, impecible conduct award, no debits! Im such a good little human thing.
I am copying the final CD onto a mini disk now, althgouh i still ahve at least 12 Boyz2Men songs to download and put on a Minidisk and a few others when i get some more mini disks.
I will be watching the evictions tonight with a curry, and if i can get on the computer i will let you all know straight away.
I also was meant to be getting my hair cut and stuff tomorrow morning, but thats been reschedueled to next week. Almost there in looking liek Aaron! Well thats my life, now we move on to:


Things I've Noticed

Not much, apart from the fact that they got rid of the bold button on the blog thing, and replaced it with a : CHange time and date button thing. So :( i suppose.
I have also realised that Nadia has won Big Brother caseu everyone seem sto thing so, includeing all the Richard and Judy fans, although Busted would beg to differ (they love Stu).
Also, James smokes! That fool! Its gonna reck his bloody voice! Take Matt for example (only joking!!!!!!)

Anyhow, ill move swiftly on now:


Award Time

Todays award is gonna be a hard choice... i dunno... they are a couple of people... Pretty much casue of the hugging they give, but they have reason to win it tomorrow, so, today a present the award for William, to *drums please*
Shiela Moore!
Reason being, all through half the year she has took me home all those times i missed the bus, and told me to enjoy my haircut, and always hung out the wondow whilst vwaving to me (t'was hillarious).


Thats me done for now but ill be back.



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