Sunday, July 18, 2004

Yes, today is the day i got a forum! Thanks to JKaizer who kindey hosted and is still hosting it for me ofr hosting it (lets tree putting host in 4 times next scentence). For all of those who want to know and look:
Its pokemon, so leave me alone, its anime, and i love it! HA!

Anyway, Big Brother update:

Baking Bread Stu?

OMG! Poor Michelle!!!! How could stu bake break with someone that is not Michelle!? Evil Chicken! Eat him for my tea! HISSSS to him! Poo Michelle.


Big Brother San invited the housemates to have a little sumo match today, Stu seemed happy


Not to sure bout this, but i new that last night, with 15000 at stake, there was liquidifyed fish, cups and straws...yum :D


Anyway, hows ya all? Me im fyn? Now looking out of my window i can see some girls lying in the middle of the road sun bathing....Clover girls.... Nout much happened today, except JK let my use some of his space to make a forum :D God Bless! ( Tis very good and do not by afraid to join! Pokemon is great!

My auntie still aint found her ring, and i sent a text to the worng person this morning XD :P oh well. My life is really boring on weekends, so not much to say other that what i have already said XD So ill move onto the other sutff now:

This ive noticed?
Last night or Friday night i noticed something whihc i had to remember...but i forgot.
And I noticed that i will be away for the Big Brother Final :'(

Award time. Today, there is no doubt about it, that only one person could win this award. That person being: JKaizer! For hosting me a forum :D SO thankyou and enjoy your moment of fame ;)

Till we meet again, Tarra



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